A Fresh Start

She was shocked when she opened the envelope and saw that it was… the signed divorce papers returned to her and her husband wasn’t contesting anything.  When she came home from work early that fateful day and found her husband in her bed with the next-door neighbor, she knew immediately that this relationship was not salvageable and that marriage counseling was not the answer.  She kicked him out of the house and found a divorce lawyer right away because she knew that divorce can be a time-intensive, emotionally draining and complicated process.  With the papers now in her hands, she could run over to the attorney’s office and give him the signed documents, so he could file these papers with the court and then the divorce would be official.

Her husband was an asshole and he never got his own lawyer, because he was too cheap to spend money and he wanted his freedom from the marriage that he felt he was stuck in.  They did talk on the phone when he was out of the house and he said that he wanted $20,000 for the equity that was in the home and that she could keep everything else.  She knew this was a good deal and she obtained the money from her mother, because this was a sellers’ market and she figured that she would make a nice profit.  Her mother gave her the money on the condition that she got to live there in the front bedroom till the house was sold.  She would have to pay her attorney fees and since the assets were divided up and they had no children, so there would be no custody issues, everything was now wrapped up in a pretty ribbon.  She would miss the dog and her husband had taken it with him when he left, but her mom had a cat that she was bring with her, so that would keep things interesting.

She wondered if she should go back to her maiden name or keep the last name that she has.  Some of her friends who had gotten divorced choose to do this and it worked out fine for them.  One change at a time was enough for her and she would have to think this over for a while, as she didn’t want to reset her entire social life, have to change her driver’s license, passport and all the stuff that was involved with doing this.  She decided to join a dating site and put herself on the market, so she could see what was out there and she thought that changing her name could be a big part for getting a fresh start on her new life.  With her husband now out of the picture, she had to figure out a way to get some type of revenge on that slut that lived next door to her.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #15.

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