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I mentioned in another post today that I ordered a new laptop and I just got an email with an invoice saying that I owe Dell $7.77 and that they will be charging me this amount every month forever.  There is a slim chance of that ever happening, as I don’t remember asking for their support subscription services with 24/7 expert support and enhanced SupportAssist, so I called the number on the bill and a robot picked up the phone.  I couldn’t deal with her, so I decided to log into the website and cancel this that way.  Again, some type of robot was handling the chat line asking me a bunch of questions till I finally was able to get connected with a Sales Advisor who I told that I would like to opt out of subscription automatic renewal.  He said “Great! I am glad you chatted in today.  I would be happy to help you with that information, sure let me help you with that, can you help me what is the product that you are looking to purchase please help me with the link of the product.  Typical sales guy, but I was not buying anything today, in fact it was the opposite and I told him that I don’t want to pay $7.77 every month for this service that I never asked for.  He said he could cancel this for me and then he told me that I had to do this from my cart, but I don’t have a cart, because this item is already being shipped to me.

I told him that I have already paid for this and I am waiting for you to ship it to me and he said that once I placed the order, he could not make any changes to it, so he tried to pass me off to customer care and he gave me that same phone number for the first robot, which I wasn’t having.  I asked him to connect me with a real person.  I told him that I was never going to pay this bill because I don’t want this service and if he didn’t cancel it, I would return the product and then I resorted to pulling a Karen and I said, “get me your supervisor”.  I asked him if he was willing to lose this whole sale because he is too lazy to fix my problem.  Eventually he gave me a link for another chat room and I got connected with the Dell Customer Care chat line.  After reexplaining my problem, it finally got resolved.

The representative asked me if I was satisfied with the level of service provided to me and if I had any feedback regarding my experience today.  I told him that it was very difficult to get this cancelled but since it is done, I am satisfied.  He said that it was his pleasure to help me and then he mentioned that I may receive a short email survey, which I am not taking as this wasted enough of my time.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

14 thoughts on “Support Subscription Service

  1. Oh how I hate that…they make it almost impossible to find. We bought a TV…High Sense and Roku came with it…the tv first came up and it made you sign up for a subscription…I tracked it down and after going through different websites…I got by it and didn’t have to sign up. Most people would just sign up.

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      1. It should cross some line in the law…really. If I wouldn’t have known about IT and how things work…I would be signing up…no apparent choice.

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  2. More and more companies are jumping on that train too. I believe it’s illegal to do that too. They don’t have your permission, your signature, or any right to expect you to pay for a service you were unaware of. It pays to keep a close eye on one’s bank accounts and websites to make sure that kind of nasty crap isn’t going on. I’m glad you caught it and forced those scumbags to take the damned thing off your bill!

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