I finally got my Echo Show Alexa device working properly, so this is more of a gratitude than a peeve post, but it is also sort of a complaint, because this should not have taken so long.  I bought the Echo Show back in March as a birthday present to myself and it never worked the way that it was supposed to.  I wanted to be able to view my email calendar from my Alexa device and this would help me plan my day before I got out of bed every morning as I keep the Echo Show in my bedroom.  I was told that I needed to download the Alexa software on my phone in order to do this, but I had an older 3G phone that was low on memory and every time I turned it on it gave me this low memory warning, so I was not able to download this phone app.  I was able to download the Alexa software to my desktop, but this is a different version and it never connected to my email calendar or my Echo Show device, so that was just frustrating.

When I got my new phone on Friday night, I downloaded the Alexa app on it and tied it in with my email and I was able to look at the appointments that I setup on my calendar, but these still were not appearing on my Echo Show device.  I had this weird virus on my desktop when I first got it back in September of 2019 and this company digitaldrive365 helped me to resolve it after I bought a three-year contract for their services, so I contacted them to help me out with this.  After some fiddling around and giving them control of my computer through the TeamViewer, they finally fixed this so my Alexa is working properly as it should have been.

My new phone was the answer to this problem and I was blaming Alexa for being so stupid and I even stopped talking with her for a while.  The thing is that she is way more stubborn than me and when I needed her to set some new alarms for me to take this new medication, I gave in and started talking with her again.  She is so much easier to use for alarms than setting my alarm clock, as all I have to do is tell her what time to set the alarm for.  I know this was not a really great peeve, but sometimes the waiting is the hardest part.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

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  1. I like ours but I agree…it seems with everything you have to upgrade. Software companies are greedy…like Adobe and Microsoft office…you rent it now…you don’t own.

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      1. Yea I use mine for work most of the time…I do have our companies license and it gets expensive…Adobe is like 59 dollars a month for use of their products.

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