Just trying to be different, which comes natural to me, as does being satisfied with the current status of my miserable life.  If I had some aspirations, perhaps my life would improve as it took off on a different course to better myself, but I aspire to sit on my ass and write today, which makes it like every other day.  I have no need to be any better than I already am, as it is hard to improve on perfection, not that I think I am perfect, but I am much better than a lot of others that I see out here in blogland.  I usually find a way to get inspired and I guess it is possible that I have my own personal muse, but it is not like we are always on speaking terms.  Maybe I will find some direction around the next corner where it is waiting to meet me and this inspiration will move me to write something outstanding that everyone will enjoy.  It is also possible that something that I have written will inspire another person after I am gone, as it is inevitable that one day I will expire, but how and when that will happen remains a mystery to me and until then I will just keep truckin’ on.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to use the words “inspire/aspire/expire”.

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  1. I like inspiration in songwriting or figuring out a problem…it’s hard to make it happen though…it has to come naturally for me.

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