Lluís Bussé liked 14 of my posts in a minute, which means that he didn’t read any of them and he just wants his mug to show up on the bottom of my posts.  What is up with that?

18 thoughts on “Annoying

    1. Getting a whole like of likes will improve your stats, but I write so people will read and your advice is spot on as I will keep ignoring this idiot and not play his games. Thanks Rory.

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      1. It does offset the stats and that also annoys me too – no l don’t watch my stats, but l get annoyed when people come along and hit like without reading any of the content – so l can relate Jim, because l want to smash their computers with a baseball bat …
        [mm, l need to work again on my anger issues again hahahaha].

        Like you, l write to have content read … whereas our buddy boy from Spain who has 4000 odd followers BUT, only has LIKES switched on and not comments interestingly enough – is only concerned with traffic. Yeah, he hasn’t won a following with me.

        Have a great Monday Jim 🙂

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      2. I never visited his site as I refuse to give him the satisfaction that he sucked me in with his ploy and I wrote this post in an attempt to embarrass the hell out of him, but I knew that he would never read it, as that is his thing. PS try to get a handle on those anger issues and you have a great day also.

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      3. Hey Jim, l always look at the clowns who only hit like to try and get a fix on them and see if they have a reason or a message – but after a cursory glance at their site and followers and settings you can usually establish what they are all about.

        We can express anger, we can talk and cuss them – they are not bothered – in many cases they are merely Bots on a predetermined autopath 🙂

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