Who Do You Love?

I write for those that I love, but anyone can read my blog.  I basically write for my own enjoyment, (believing there is nothing wrong with showing yourself some love), but I put enough love into every one of my posts that it will overflow my cup and then it can be spread out for others to enjoy.  In my Stats it says that over the past month that I average about 220 views every day, but it doesn’t tell me who these people are.  It also says that I get about 180 visitors every day, so some people can’t get enough of me and they come back for more punishment.  I imagine that my return visitors are the ones that leave comments on my posts, as unless they just left and emoji, I will respond to their comment and they probably come back to see what I wrote to them.

I am not sure how good this chart above is going to turn out, but it clearly shows that I am losing some of my viewers, as I got 9.4K views in January and September showed that I only had 5.4K views and maybe that is a seasonal thing, as I have never paid attention to that statistic before.  Maybe this steady drop in viewers is telling me that my writing is getting worse, but I feel like I am at the peak of my game now, even if I am getting less views.  WordPress says that I have 1,469 followers and this year I got an average of 14 comments per post, but half of those comments are made by me.  WordPress also says that I get an average of 18 likes on my posts which means a lot to me.  WordPress also gave me a list of my most frequent commenters for this year and all 6 of these bloggers are dear to me as their comments make my efforts feel like they have been rewarded, so I want to say a special thanks to Sadje, Glyn, Melanie, Max, Fandango and Di.

I never thought that my writing would be used for posterity, as I don’t have any offspring, but I do get a lot of people who read my older posts.  Just the other day, I got an email from a person named Mavis Gold who asked me to update an old post of mine Sloopy Hang On which happens to rank at #3 in my all-time views having got 10,871 views.  This post was published back on November 8th in 2017 and recently some new evidence has come out that proves the girl dancing in this video id not Liz Brewer as I stated in my post.  I took Fandango’s advice and disabled comments on my older posts and this has greatly cut back on the amount of Spam that I am getting, so Mavis Gold was forced to write me an email.  I don’t have time to go back and update my old posts, as I am always moving forward to newer and better things, but this goes to prove that some people in a future generation may be reading some of my stuff.  I placed the video that she sent me a link for below, which proves that the dancing girl was not Liz Brewer, but is another dancer named Lisa Leonard Dalton in the McCoys ‘Hang on Sloopy’ video that became a #1 hit.

Written for Blogging Insights New Format #11 by Dr. Tanya where today she asks us to consider a Margaret Atwood quote, and she wants to know who we you write for, whether it is for ourselves, our readers, or posterity?

22 thoughts on “Who Do You Love?

  1. Thanks for the mention Jim…my pleasure. Mine has gone down also…I think it’s because I went from the Beatles to the unknowns…but I’m happier now…I still love the Beatles, Stones, and Who but a change was needed.

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      1. I knew the volume of my readers would take a hit but I’m happier and I picked up new readers while losing some causal ones. Thats ok with me. Glad you like it.

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  2. My stats have been dropping month over month for the past four months. I’m not sure why, although I’ve been actually writing fewer posts — sometimes only two a day — recently, which may be why.

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    1. WordPress gives you the Stats, but they don’t tell you how those Stats are compiled and I think that participation drops in the Summer months when people can go out and they are not stuck inside.

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