Kettle Corn

I have never walked past a Girl Scout without buying cookies from her, and I guess I feel like it is the least I can do to help them out.  The cookies are overpriced, but they are usually good, even though they are not on my diet.  On Saturday I went to the grocery store and there were two Scouts out front with a table set up and the young boy asked me if I was going to buy something from him and I told him to catch me on the way out.  When I finished my shopping, I walked past the Scout and I asked him what he had for sale and he showed me a bag of this Kettle Corn, which looked good, so I asked him how much and he said $20, which was way more than I wanted to pay.  I bought the Kettle Corn, but the next time I see them out in front of the store, I am going to duck them, because this is an exorbitant amount to charge for a bag that is mostly filled with air.

I don’t have any children, so I always try to help them out and don’t get me wrong, this Kettle Corn was tasty, but $10 is too much to pay and I feel like I got ripped off.  I was a Cub Scout for one day and then I quit, because this just wasn’t for me, as I thought they were all sissies.  The day I was a Scout it was raining and the Den Mother had everyone cutting up paper flowers and I was not the kind of kid that got into crafts.  It must be even worse now, as the Boy Scouts has both boys and girls together, with the Girl scouts being a different organization.   I bet it would be even worse now being a Boy Scout then it was when I was a kid.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

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  1. That is way too much to pay. I’ll bet they lost more customers just because of that price, even if it is for a good cause for the scouts. We used to buy some cookies, but now I can’t eat them. Maybe they have sugar free ones? I don’t even know. I’m reminded of the ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ TV show about selling girl scout cookies. Funny episode. 🙂

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    1. yes that is very funny when Ray learns that Troup Leader Peggy and her daughter have targeted his parents house as a spot to make a big sale for themselves during the Frontier Girls’ selling competition, it’s war. Ray vows to get even with this woman no matter what and to take home the grand prize in the cookie drive.

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  2. I remember being in the scouts and doing odd jobs around the neighbourhood. It was known as Bob-a-job week and I’d get paid sixpence (often more) for doing things like cleaning windows, tidying up gardens, clearing driveways etc. One time I had to saw branches off a tree and almost cut a finger off!

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  3. $20 for a bag of popcorn! That’s outrageous. I just looked it up and Walmart sells an 8 oz bag of Kettle Corn for $3.83. I bet it was only $5 “retail” and the kid pocketed $15 for himself.

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