A Heartless Scumbag

At a time when most people were struggling…, he was sucking the life out of everything.  This toxic person thought he was better than anyone else and he tried to make everyone else feel like shit, because he was the emblem of the successful tycoon.  His opinion was the only thing that mattered and he never considered anyone else’s point of view.  He took advantage of everyone and everything, because he felt like he was entitled to.  His mission was to make everyone feel small or inadequate just so he could feel better about himself.  His ideas were the only things that were ever urgent and important because he deemed himself to be more respectable than anyone else and he enjoyed raining on your parade and shitting all over your dreams.  His double standards were accepted by many and this manipulative bastard was even elected to be president.  He perfected the art of making you feel guilty for things you didn’t do by twisting your words and your actions to make you look like the bad guy.  This delusional cretin would accuse you of something you didn’t do, knowing how to make it sound like you were behind the problem, when all the time he was the one.

Once he made up his mind about something, no one could convince him otherwise.  He never walked a mile in someone else’s shoes or tried to understand where anyone was coming from because he lacked empathy and basically, he didn’t care about what anyone thinks as it was always about his satisfaction.  He was very selfish and self-absorbed since the day he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  He wanted all of the attention and he was able to suck the air out of any room, by making a scene or causing a commotion just to revert the attention back to him.  He never drained the swamp like he promised, he only made it wider and deeper.  He had a memory like an elephant when it came to his opponent’s failures or losses, but the crowds that came to see him were always the biggest ever in his opinionWhen he lost the last election, he played the victim saying it was stolen from him and he started blaming others for making mistakes counting the ballots.  He lost his temper because he felt that he could never be wrong and he blamed Pence, saying it was his fault for not stopping the steal.  He knew how to rile up a crowd and he kept repeating the Big Lie to provoke the January 6th insurrectionists.  Every Republican had to be very careful supporting his lie, or he would take them down and end their career.  If they spoke out against him or didn’t stay quiet his retaliation would be ruthless.  All this cry baby loser ever did was to bring pain and cause drama.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #12.

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  1. My, it’s going to be a mystery who you could possibly have been writing about, LOL. The worst thing, to me, is not really him and his presidency but the fact that now most Republicans agree with his ways and mistaken beliefs (most notably that he actually won the election despite all 50 states and 61 courts telling him otherwise). I really figured saner heads would prevail in that party and someone like Romney or Ms. Cheney would lead them back to the center. Didn’t happen.

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