Rock With You – Challenge #191

Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 and he dreamed of playing the role of Spiderman so much that he once tried to purchase Marvel Comics when it filed for bankruptcy just so he could cast himself as the character. On June 25, 2009, the day that Jackson died, Wikipedia, AOL, and Twitter all crashed at the same time at 3:15 pm. Despite boasting assets of $1 billion at the time of his death, Jackson also allegedly owed $500 million in unpaid debts. Michael was so impressed with the treatment he received at the Brotman Medical Center in California following the accident in the Pepsi commercial, that he donated $1.5 million to the hospital, which resulted in them naming it the “Michael Jackson Burn Center.”
Michael Jackson created the Neverland Ranch mansion named for the home where Peter Pan lived to be a private theme park, where he would entertain children. Jackson has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one for his work as a solo artist and the other as a part of the Jackson 5. Michael was afraid of his father, because he would beat him with a belt when he made mistakes performing as a child in the family band. Thriller is the only music video preserved for posterity by the US Library of Congress, recognizing its contribution to American media and culture. Jackson was scheduled to be attending a meeting at the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, however, he missed the event because he overslept.

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Michal Jackson included this song on his fifth solo album Off The Wall which was released in 1979 and it reached #1 in the US and charted #7 in the UK.  Quincy Jones produced this album and he met Michael when he starred as the Scarecrow in the failed Broadway musical production of The Whiz in 1978.  Quincy Jones arranged the musical scores for The Wiz and he was impressed by Michael’s dedication.  Rod Temperton wrote this song, and he was the keyboard player and primary songwriter in the UK funk-disco group Heatwave who had a hit in 1977 with ‘Boogie Nights’.  The Heatwave debut album Too Hot to Handle included the song ‘Turn Out the Lamplight’ which appeared on George Benson’s album Give me the Night, and this was written by Temperton and produced by Quincy Jones.  Quincy Jones enlisted Temperton to write some songs for Jackson and the arrangement…

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