9 thoughts on “Anti-Vaxx Movement

  1. Those sorts of pointy headed morons are the ones who catch Covid and then whine incessantly about feeling so sick. Cause and effect is what I’d say to them. Natural selection at work. The weakest (and to me stupidest) are going to be culled from the herd. It won’t be too soon for me either. I actually heard a tale about a guy, non-vaxxer, no mask, who was brought to the ER (ICU) because he had severe Covid. He kept asking the charge nurse what was wrong with him because ‘he’d never felt that damned awful in his life. Surely it must be poison or something and they needed to find the antidote pronto before he died”. The nurse told him he had contracted Covid and unfortunately was affected severely. The guy blew a fuse, screaming that Covid was a hoax and not real, and so he couldn’t have it, because it was fake. Even with evidence in front of their eyes, some folks don’t believe the truth. As I said Natural selection at work. Too bad they have to irritate the rest of us along their route to death.

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    1. It is a crazy world and I heard that about three quarters of the Republicans still believe that Trump won the last election. This makes no sense, but this is the world we live in now.


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