Look Out of Any Window

Peeking through the window, her surprise turned to horror when… she saw her estranged husband walking up the driveway wielding an axe.  She made a big mistake when she married him and although her parents and her sister warned Alice, she couldn’t help falling on love with the bad boy.  A couple weeks into their marriage Alice experienced pain while urinating and her doctor told her that she had contracted chlamydia and that is when she knew that she married the wrong guy.  Later she found out that he had been banging his coworker for months.  One day George came home from work and told Alice that she was going to do everything that he told her to do with no questions asked, whether she liked it or not and she knew then, that she was trapped in a bad marriage.  George nearly killed Alice when she was innocently texting her father as he insisted that she was sending coded messages to her lover.

The next morning, she moved back into her parent’s house and filed for a divorce.  George came by after his work was done and he screamed, “You’re my wife and you are coming home with me” and he wouldn’t leave till the cops came and chased him away.  Alice filed a restraining order against him and that just made George go completely nuts.  George followed Alice when she went out to the store and he cornered her in the parking lot and held her head against the hood of the car until she blacked out.  When she came to, she forgot about shopping and wanted to go straight back home, but when she stopped at a traffic light, George pulled his car next to hers and he pointed his finger in a threatening manner pretending it was a gun and he shot at her.  Alice was happy when she saw George pull into the Home Depot parking lot, but she was curious about what he needed there.  When she made it back to her parent’s house, she grabbed her dad’s gun.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #11.

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