Imagine My Surprise

I forgot that my water had been shut off because I was late paying my bill and when I woke up this morning I headed straight for the toilet.  Ranger hates the noise made by the landscapers when they cut the grass, but I never expected to find her hiding inside of the toilet bowl and hey, I had to go really bad.  I filled her treat bowl and showed it to her and she climbed out of the toilet.  This can’t be a cozy place for her, but it is only natural to hide from danger and I guess that cats will hide out any place where they feel protected.  It is scary and confusing for her when she hears the lawnmowers, and even though they come every week, I don’t think that she will ever get used to these scary monsters being outside of her home.

She has always seemed to think that the bathroom was a nice place for her to play in and when I went in there and closed the door, she would meow and scratch on the door to be let in.  If she can’t be by me, she feels like she is missing out on some fun.  She seems to know that I am trapped in there for at least a few minutes and this makes it easier for her to get my attention.  Going into the bathroom with me has become part of her routine and she seems to enjoy the smells that linger in there.  She enjoys playing with the toilet paper roll and sticking her claws into my bathroom rugs and rolling around on them and she has created many disasters there.

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.

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