Writing Became My Life

I may never make any money from writing anything, but it is what I do and therefor it began to represent who I am.  I have written three really long books and they sit inside my computer, never to see the light of day, but I got a lot of personal gratification out of writing them.  These books could not be more different in the topics that are discussed, but the thing that they all have in common is that they are filled with stories.  When I started writing my first book titled Man’s Footprint in Water, a history teacher that I know told me that I would have to be crazy to even attempt writing about such a vast topic.  It is a history book filled with short stories that starts from the beginning of time on Earth and there is always some type of connection with water.  It is meant to be a coffee table book, where anyone could open it up to any page and read a story and immerse themselves in the beauty of water, but it only has the stories and I never got around to adding any pictures, therefor it is unfinished and it will never be published.  I think it is a great book written in chronological order and it shows how man advanced as a civilization, and how we depend on water, and how we learned from it.

My next book was a masterpiece and I am very proud of it, but nobody has ever read it, except for a former girlfriend of mine.  It is divided up into seventeen chapters, being 462 pages long and containing 293,525 words and I paid two different artists over $1,000 to create pictures for it.  this book is titled Ancient Book of Eli and Eli happens to be a fictitious step cousin of Jesus, so it has a religious theme.  When my girlfriend finished reading it, she told me that she had to break up with me because she wanted to devote the rest of her life to God, which I guess was a compliment, but something that I never expected.  I originally started writing this book as a comedy, but it became a conversational story book with all of my characters telling different stories.   Not a heck of a lot goes on in this book, besides these conversations, but it has a plot and it does take you on an adventure.  I have talked about this book before, so it is just too bad for the rest of the world that nobody will ever read it.

My third book and probably the last book that I will ever write is titled So You Want To Learn Calculus and it goes without saying that this book is not for everyone.  It was written to help students understand the subject of Calculus, one that I struggled with even though I was able to get the correct answers for the problems, I never truly understood why I had to learn this.  It takes a different approach to the subject and it is also a story book letting the students know who invented this weird math and why they did it.  I felt that by giving the students a historical foundation, it would make this subject more relatable.  It is also very different from all the other books on Calculus as it does not contain and problems for them to solve, as I figured that they would get enough of these when they take this subject in school.  I may have gone a bit off the rails in this book, as after I explain about Calculus, I went into some other topics that are very deep, but if you are able to read this book, there shouldn’t be surprised by any mathematical topic that comes your way.

Written for Blogging Insights New Format # 9 by Dr. Tanya where today she asks us to consider the Stephen King quote, “Writing did not save my life, but it has continued to do what it always has done.  It makes my life a brighter and more pleasant place.”

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  1. If it bothers you at all, put the books ‘out there’ for people to read. It’s easy to self publish now, and there are several bloggers in our little community who have done just that. IF you feel your stories need some light and air that is. Maybe you’re content to have them be in existence, but not shared? There’s nothing wrong with that at all. I remember the very first time I had to present some of my artwork to the college class I was taking. I said that it was like presenting your precious child to strangers to critique. Scary shit. And it’s good to have a thick skin, because not everyone will like your offering. All your books, save that calculus one, sound very interesting indeed!

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    1. It doesn’t bother me at all that none of my books have been published. I even wrote several TV commercials that were meant to publicize my second book, but I give my writing up for free every day to the WordPress community and I don’t feel like I owe the world anything. I actually feel that my writing may be ahead of its time and I am not sure if the world is ready to read any of my books yet. I welcome critique and I laugh in the face of danger.

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