Minor Complaints

That Low Tire Air Pressure idiot light came on again.  Tire pressure will increase as the outside air temperature rises, and I don’t want to get into the ideal gas law here as everyone has already had too much of that from taking Physics, but the temperature gets hot here in Florida.  Once the weather cools down like it does at night, you may get a signal that says your tire pressure is low.  I heard that some people in Florida fill their tires with nitrogen to avoid triggering this sensor all the time.  The light illuminates to alert you that your tires could be underinflated, which can lead to undue tire wear and possible tire failure, but it could be triggered by a tire that is only 10% to 15% low in air pressure.  Nitrogen molecules are larger and slower moving than those of compressed air, thus nitrogen doesn’t seep out of your tires as quickly as air will, helping to maintain proper pressure for a longer period of time.  They are just tires, but the car won’t work without them, however I don’t understand why this needs to be so complex.

I got the Super Flu shot last Wednesday which is only given to old people and I had a minor reaction to it, at least that was what the nurse said when I called to complain about it.  I have been getting flu shots for years and I never had anything more than a sore arm for a few hours afterward.  This time my arm swelled up and I looked a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger pumping iron and there was a giant red patch on my arm.  The nurse assured me it was normal and the swelling went down and the pain went away on Sunday, but it is still a bit reddish.

I got an email from Consumer cellular, yea the cell phone company for older people and they said that I need to but a new phone.  They said that since the entire country of wireless network providers are completing major improvements to their networks and cellular towers to deliver faster connections and higher call quality via new 4G and 5G services, that my 4G phone will no longer work in a month’s time.  Whatever happened to downward compatibility?  That used to be a thing where if something new came out, the old stuff would still work, but I guess there is a lot of money involved for everyone getting new phones, so it is what it is.

I got my haircut the other day, but not at the first salon that I went into.  The girl was not wearing a mask, so I asked her if she got the Covid vaccine and she told me that it was her personal business and there was no reason for me to know that.  This is part of living in Florida where you have to deal with republican mentality every day, but I told her that it was my business, as I have the right to protect myself and I got up out of her chair and told her that I was going someplace else.  I mostly blame DeSantis for promoting this cavalier attitude with his baring mandatory mask usage in schools.  The only way we will ever got out of this pandemic is for people to get vaccinated.  This actually worked out good for me, as I went into another salon where this cute blond said she was vaccinated and I think that she will be cutting my hair from now on.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

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      1. Well I have the iPhone and I love it it does everything I wanted to do it depends on what do you want the phone for do you want to use the Internet on the phone and do other things on your phone or do you just want the phone to make calls and send text

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  1. Funny you mention the tire pressure thing. Last week we took the van I inherited and the tires were really low, probably from sitting on the hot pavement for so long. We had to try three gas stations before we could find a working air pump. Then yesterday we took my car and one of my tires was super low. Luckily we went back to the gas station that had the working air. As it turned out the other three tires had too much air! David was able to equalize them all. It must be a Florida thing!

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      1. Well, we went today to get a trailer hitch put on the car and when we went to pick it up guess what we saw from across the parking lot? A nail in the tire! So we went to one place and because it was on the inner rim of the tire we had to get two new tires!

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