Behind Door Number

This is not Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams, these are portholes to other dimensions, doors that can take you to a parallel universe, or an alternate reality.  One might call them stargates, or wormholes, but behind each door, space is warped and time means nothing.  I know what you are saying, “Jim you should lay off of that LSD”, but believe me, I am totally straight and this otherworldly experience will totally blow your mind.  Interdimensional travel is the ultimate trip and after doing this, I may never drop acid again.  This field is full of energetic hotspots because the doors were positioned on Ley Lines, making this whole area able to produce hyper-dimensional gateways.

Most of these portals are extremely volatile and unpredictable, and they open and close in the matter of an instant, but I found these markers, called x-points or electron diffusion regions, which allowed me to send probes in, so I could study them.  I know that you think all of this is science fiction, but ancient aliens used these portholes to build our pyramids.  The government has closed this field off to the public, because they feel the scientific value is too important to be interfered with and this site has been locked down tighter than Area 51.  The 7 extra dimensions mentioned in String Theory are just waiting to be discovered and we could find one or more of them behind any door.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #135.

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