Love Me Like That Again

My neighbor came by to return some items that she said belonged to me.  I saw she was carrying my four serving trays which I brought to her house for the New Year party that she held.  I filled up the serving trays with jello shots using orange jello for rum on one tray, lime jello for tequila, lemon jello for vodka and cherry jello for gin.  Her arms were full so I asked her if she wanted to come inside and I opened up the door for her.  She asked me where she could put my stuff down and I told her that the dining room table would be fine.  I had totally forgotten about the trays and I thanked her for inviting me to her party and for returning the serving trays.

She apologized for taking so long to return my stuff and she said that things had been difficult for her since her husband died back in the Spring from Covid-19, and I told her that is very understandable and I offered her my heart felt condolences.  She thanked me and told me that her grieving period was coming to an end and she was trying to move on with her life, because at her age every day counts.  I didn’t really know this neighbor all that well, but I do remember telling her that I joined a dating site when I was at her New Year party, after she asked me if there was anyone special in my life.  I had played golf with her husband a few times and I guess that is how I got invited to the party.  My neighbor asked me how long I thought she should wait till she started seeking love and attention from men and if I could help her set up a dating profile.

I told my neighbor Rose that her deceased husband George would want her to be happy and if that meant dating men, then it was probably time for her to start.  I told her that grief and loss were both very complicated issues, but they were her own personal issues and there was no timeline for her to follow, but if she was serious, then she should stop wearing her wedding ring and embrace her new identity of being a widow.  Rose was a good-looking woman and I knew that it would not be too difficult for her to find another companion, but in order to help her I needed to know what she was looking for.  I asked her if she was looking for a friend to do things with on a casual basis, or a person to have a loving relationship with, or if she was interested in being married again.  Rose responded that anything and everything sounded good to her, but she wanted to start off slow.

I told Rose that dating after your spouse is gone could help to fill the void in her life, but she needed to carefully consider what her motivations were before she started dating somebody.  I said that love is a precious gift to have in your life, and if you’re lucky enough to find it twice in your live, then you shouldn’t deny yourself when that feeling of falling in love comes along.  Rose said that she wasn’t all that comfortable meeting new men after spending so much time being married to her husband and she felt it would be easier on her if she started dating someone that she already knew.  Rose undid a few buttons on her top and slowly licked her lips and then she asked me if I thought she was sexy enough for me to date.  I told her that she looked great and I asked her to undo a few more buttons, so I could have a better look.

One thing led to another and we never got to set up that dating profile for her, but we both had a good time and I told her that I needed to get to my dentist appointment and she smiled and said that a man had never left her before to get to the dentist.  I told her that I could cancel it, but being that it would be a last-minute cancelation, that my dentist would still charge me for the appointment and she said that she understood and she told me not to cancel it.  We got dressed and Rose kissed me.  As she was leaving, I asked her what was in the other bag that she left on my dining room table.  Rose said that those were the tumblers that I brought over for the jello shots and I told her that the tumblers were not mine, as I remembered putting the jello shots in disposable plastic cups.  Rose said that she had no idea whose tumblers they were and that I should keep them to give her another excuse for coming over to visit me, so I could love her like that again.

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #198, where today she gives us a situation where somebody returned a few articles you had lent to them and one of them is not yours.

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