24 thoughts on “Ending Rape in Texas

  1. Ridiculously illogical! One is not a rapist until one commits rape! Infuriating! Oscar Wilde once said that the only unforgivable crime was stupidity. I wonder what he would have to say about this clown who is the Governor of Texas?

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  2. It boggles the mind. How does that idiot intend to carry out his scheme? Round up all the men and cut their bits off? Put salt peter in the drinking water? Obviously he and his own ‘boys’ will be exempt from whatever he thinks he can do about the problem. It’s a power thing, not a sex thing, and perhaps that’s where Abbott has gone wrong…he mistook the two? Rape isn’t the only viable reason for abortion either, incest and genetic complications (severe malformation in the fetus or danger to the mother’s life) are some others. I’m real glad I’m not living in Texas. My head might literally explode from the mass stupidity down that way (except Brian Lageose obviously).

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      1. Mr. Brian is a wonderful blogger who lives outside of Houston or Dallas – one of the big cities in Texas, He’s a stitch, always writing really funny stuff, but time to time he writes a serious piece too which blows me away. He ‘reported’ on the recent abortion situation there and how a law was passed prohibiting a woman from getting one legally there. Brian can be found at https://brianlageose.blog/ if you’re interested in reading. I think you might get a chuckle or two…

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