Good Choice

Stepford Wives on steroids are able to pop on a new face to suit their husband’s mood and today Angela is going to the country club for a luncheon, so she selected her conservative face.  Angela put on her happy face yesterday when her husband’s boss came over for dinner, the day before that she donned her bewildered face when she went out on a shopping excursion and she had her unemotional face on when her husband brought his girlfriend over.  Angela was mature enough to accept that her husband had certain needs that she wasn’t able to fulfill and this became an incentive for her to compete harder to get him back.  He is a billionaire, so he basically does what ever her wants and at least Angela knew what was going on and nobody was keeping secrets behind her back.  The first cut was the deepest but after that, Angela learned how to insulate herself from the pain, because she wanted her marriage to work.

She felt unloved, thinking that she was not good enough for him and that she was easily replaceable, because this must have been her fault.  She was worried when her husband told her that he was going to pursue a polyamorous relationship with this lady, but Angela realized that this girl was no better than she was, and she was only the girlfriend and Angela was his wife.  Angela blamed herself for settling into her role as wife, cook, organizer, and assistant and for neglecting some of his needs, as she fell into a routine.  She could still remember what it was like to be excited, getting butterflies every time that she saw him walk into the room.  The sex that her husband had with this new lady was exciting for him, but this honeymoon phase didn’t last, as they were never able to connect on a deeper level emotionally, thus they were deprived of not being worried about what each other would thinks of them.  They never got to the point of being madly in love with each other, so their sex was not always the hottest, as they were unfamiliar and ultimately this was not as fulfilling as the sex he had with Angela.

Angela figured that her husband’s infidelity was part of a midlife crisis, and that this woman that her husband met on Tinder was just a temporary interruption.  Angela figured that she could try and find another man that was more suitable for this woman.  Depending on their schedules this woman continued hooking up with her husband, but the sex they were having didn’t seem relevant to Angela, as it wasn’t changing anything about their relationship and how they felt about each other.  Angela knew that she couldn’t stop it, so she let her husband indulge in these occasional overnight romps.  Angela was biologically engineered for her husband and they had learned how to kiss, caress, cuddle, and talk about sex together.  Opening up their relationship to include an additional lover, forced Angela and her husband to do an extraordinary amount of additional communicating with each other and this led to them becoming more confident in their ability to share what they wanted, needed, and desired without jealousy or insecurity entering the picture.  Angela learned from the girlfriend and this lesson taught her that there isn’t much that she can’t work through with her husband.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #134.

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