I Have Nothing Better to Do with My Time

I get alerts on all the comments that are made on my blog, but I only get alerts on the comments that I make on other people’s blogs if they hit the LIKE button on my comments.  In the 4 years and several months that I have been on WordPress, a lot of comments have piled up and my statistics say that I have 43,715 overall comments and the ones that are mine amount to 16,659.  I host several challenges so a lot of my comments are pingbacks and that is why they greatly outnumber my responses.  I figure if I spent 2 minutes on each comment that I made, that would total up to being 555 hours of my time.  One year consists of 8760 hours and my total time here since I joined WordPress is about 37,668, I can get a good estimate of how much of my time is spent responding to comments made on my posts.  My estimate comes out to being almost 68 hours of my time being spent responding to comments made on my blog.  This boils down to being about 16 hours a year which is like an hour and a quarter every month, or 75 minutes every month which is 2.5 minutes every day.

Sadly, I have no record of the comments that I have left on other people’s blogs, but I imagine that I must spend an equal amount of my time or more making comments on other blogs.  I love the comments aspect of blogging, as that is what makes me feel connected to the other bloggers and when I have something to say, I spill it out, so I am thinking that the times that I do leave comments, that they are much longer than the ones that I have left on my own posts, thus I am going to estimate that I spend 5.5 minutes every day commenting on other blogs.  In the beginning, I didn’t get any comments and I didn’t know any other bloggers, so my comment frequency has stepped up a lot the more that I have been blogging.  Thus, I am throwing all of my earlier math out the window and instead of saying that I spend 6 minutes of my time every day on comments, I am thinking that it must be closer to 10 minutes now.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #44, where Sadje asks, “How much time do you spend on responding to comments?”

17 thoughts on “I Have Nothing Better to Do with My Time

  1. haha! too much math for me! But as you say, I too have nothing better to do in a day. There’s the usual fixing and eating food, doing laundry & dishes, which I get up to do, but the rest of the time is writing my own blog stuff, reading blogs, answering comments, and leaving likes and comments. I turn the computer on about 5 a m, and turn it off of blogs at 5 p m. Then it’s time for some computer games and supper time. I do a lot of book reading in between everything, too. 🙂

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  2. I have never calculated the exact amount of time I spend on responding to comments, but I’ll say it’s 50% of the time that I blog. Thanks Jim for the detailed answer.

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  3. Jim, I spend too much time on the blogs. I probably follow too many people…but I love commenting with people…I never follow anyone else though because time wont allow.

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  4. Jim, didn’t you start your blog in April 2017, like a month before I started mine? If so, you’ve only been blogging for FOUR years and several months, not FIVE years and several months. Any you claim to be good at math! Ha! 😉

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