Stick a Pin in It

Hold on to that thought and we will circle back to this later said the boss as he felt there were more important topics that needed to be discussed.  Jacob asked the boss if he should stick a pin in it, so everyone could sleep on this and gather up their ideas for the next meeting.  The boss told Jacob that the topic was postponed for now and he didn’t want any further discussion, so he should just put a sock on it, be quiet and shut his mouth, as he was starting to get annoying.  Jacob spoke again and said that he would mark this topic for the next agenda as old business.  The boss became furious and said that trying to tell Jacob anything was like talking to a brick wall, as he is like a dog that gets hold of a bone and will never let go of it.  The boss told Jacob that he was driving him up a wall with his going on and on, and Jacob said that he could mark a spot on the wall for the boss with a pin, so that everyone could know how high up the wall he had been driven.  Jacob was the boss’ brother-in-law and he knew that his wife would not stand for him being fired, but the boss wanted to teach that jackass Jacob a lesson, so he told him to stand next to the wall and then everyone could play pin the tail on the donkey with him.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to use the word pin and have fun with it.

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  1. I’ve not heard that version of Needles and Pins before. I’m more familiar with the Searchers having a big hit with it over here in the UK. Jackie certainly pulled more than a few strings here in the clip though.

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