Love’s Sweet Song

She woke up to discover what the morning would bring
Morning comes, she follows the path to the water’s edge
The water is as bright as the sky from which it came
She is deprived of contact with the outside world
So, she started singing a lullaby beside the water
Singing Love’s Sweet Song, down where the water flowed
As she washed her lonely feet in the river
Her voice was that of an angel
Her singing summoned an entire forest full of animals
This created a chill in the meadow, and a nip in the air
The morning chill brought early morning rain
The animals scattered and she told then she would be back when the Sun returned

Written for Paula’s Paint Chip Friday challenge where today we are supposed to incorporate Valspar’s “water’s edge” and/or “morning chill”.

11 thoughts on “Love’s Sweet Song

      1. I apologize…I should have been more clear…in the story the girls are sweet and beautiful and live in a beautiful garden. They are beautiful…I think that is what makes it so sad but they are all very kind. I didn’t mean to make a comparison to the creepy part…

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