Why are these people trying to take advantage of others?  Are they sadists that want to feel powerful and be in control, because they feel superior to everyone, or are they just too lazy to go out and get a real job?  These people are selfish and ungrateful predators that try to miniplate our emotions and they invent scams that will either appeal to us, or try to threaten us.  Phishing is mostly done by email and this attack is an attempt to trick you into doing exactly what the scammer wants you to do.  In order for the world to work, we have to put our trust into certain things and when you see a message that has the Microsoft name and label attached to it, then you feel that it is legitimate.

I got phished the other day and I hate when people f__k with my email.  I clicked the link in my email and it brought me to a web page and then I realized that this was probably a scam, so I closed it.

I don’t know much about Linktree, but it appears to be a legitimate site and as far as I can tell, it is not associated with Microsoft Outlook.  I figure that these scammers are trying to get me to trust them and that is why they are using authentic genuine sites to make me feel better about giving over some of my information to them.  That is not going to happen, but I could see how some people would end up falling for this.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

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    1. My spam has decreased drastically, because it is mostly going into my trash folder and supposedly that will empty itself out after 30 days, but at the moment there are over 400 comments in my trash folder.

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    1. My old email is still on my computer in outlook under my new email address. I can’t log into it because I don’t know what the password is and it never updates. I don’t know how to completely remove it either, but I was able to delete files from the folders.

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