41 Years

Time changes everything and as our civilization makes more advancements, it is hard to keep up with everything.  Music has changed, home entertainment has changed, personal computers became popular in the 1980s, dial-up Internet access switched to broadband in the mid-2000s, life expectancy has increased and this is a whole different world now, than it was 41 years ago back in 1980.  41 years before that back in 1939, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the President, you could rent a house for $27/month, buy a loaf of bread for only 9 cents, get a gallon of gas for 10 cents, and you could probably buy a new car for around $700.  In 1980 the cost of renting a house went up to $243 a month, and today the average price is $1,140, as rent prices have been increasing on an average of 8.86% per year, consistently outpacing wage inflation by a significant margin.

The price for a loaf of bread increased to 50 cents in 1980 and today that is up to $2,50.  A gallon of gas in 1980 went up to $1.19 and in 2021 this is now averaging $3.51 today.  A new car was priced around $7,000 back in 1980 and today this cost is over $40,000, which is frankly ridiculous.  I think that life was easier before, but I think that it is better today.  Years ago, there was not much to watch on TV and you had to get up to adjust the antenna, to change the channel, adjust the volume and all those other gizmo knobs that helped you get a clearer picture and the real early TV sets were in Black and White and they broke down all the time, because they were based on tube technology.  It is what it is and you either get with it, or you get out of the way, as it will surely run you down and not think twice about doing that.

Written for Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya where today she asks us to consider the following, “Did you know that 1980 and 2021 are as far apart as 1980 and 1939?”

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  1. “…and today the average price [to rent a house] is $1,140.” Not in the San Francisco Bay Area. An apartment until runs, on average, $3,100.

    “A gallon of gas in 2021 is now averaging $3.51.” In the Bay Area it’s closer to $5.00, which is why I just bought an electric car.

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  2. Cars are crazy…there is no way I would pay 30 grand or more for a car. I guess I will stick to good used ones. I just can’t pay that much…I would feel ripped off.

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