Valspar the Colorful

Naddodd the Viking was blown off course when he was trying to reach the Faeroe Islands and he ended up discovering Iceland. Valspar the colorful was on that ship and he decided that he liked Iceland so he stayed there, not returning with Naddodd.  Iceland had been inhabited by Irish monks before the Vikings arrived and they herd confessions from the medieval people and learned about their sins.  They brought several prostitutes with them to be their housekeepers and they told these women if they worked hard that they would be saved.  Several prostitutes got pregnant from the monks and when the monks returned to Ireland, they could not bring their offspring back with them. or they would be disgraced.  Thus, all the reports of Iceland being uninhabited when the Vikings arrived are false.  Valspar stayed because he met a woman there.

Valspar told very colorful stories and some colorful jokes and that is how he got his nickname.  Most of his stories were about how bad Oden’s farts smelled, but everyone seemed to enjoy them and they all laughed.  If the term politically incorrect had been around back then, perhaps Valspar would have been named that instead.  Vikings were made up of Danes, the Norse, and the Swedes and Valspar like most of the rest of the Vikings was a misogynist.  Valspar only wanted to marry a woman, so he could have sex with her, as he basically had no use for them and he would never even consider treating a woman as his equal.  Anu was the woman that Valspar met and she told him right away that she wouldn’t have any of that being treated as if she was less than a man.  When all the other Vikings left, Valspar changed his tune and he accepted Anu as his equal.  Valspar still had exploration in his blood, because the ocean kept whispering to him, especially when there was a summer breeze.  He built a ship and when it was ready, he sailed away to Minnesota with his wife and his two sons Sherwin and William.  They both grew up to be painters and they founded Valspar paints to honor their dad.

Written for Paula’s Paint Chip Friday challenge.

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    1. Thanks Paula. That is the company that owns Valspar paints and they are based in Minnesota. If that ocean wasn’t whispering to him, and there was no summer breeze, then who knows what would have happened.

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    1. Thanks Glyn and I was not sure which way to go with this, but I wanted to participate, because it is Paula’s new challenge. Thoughts kept flooding my brain and I kept writing and I am satisfied with the way it came out.

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