Proud Father

He could feel the beads of perspiration forming on his forehead as he slowly stared at his wife giving birth.  There is literally nothing like seeing a tiny person come into this world, especially when it is emerging from your wife.  Ted was a proud father and he had been waiting for this day, ever since his wife Stacy found out that she was pregnant.  Ted had been documenting every stage of Stacy’s pregnancy, having her pose nude for him, so he could capture her belly getting bigger and her breasts getting larger.  Guys lie about all kinds of shit, but Ted was totally serious about how much he adored his wife’s belly bump, as he felt that there was something elementally hot about a woman being pregnant with their round hips, plump butts, and full bellies and this turned him on immensely.  Ted knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that needed to be photographed on a weekly basis to celebrate Stacy’s body during her pregnancy.  Stacy decided to embrace the idea and she posed willingly, as long as Ted promised that nobody else would see the pictures.

In her third trimester between 30 and 35 weeks pregnant, she had a great big bump and she started posing more seductively and that was probably due to her changing hormones, but she was really into it and this made her feel powerful.  Stacy became comfortable with her new body and she saw herself as a sexual being.  Posing for these intimate private pictures ultimately became a feminist act of defiance for Stacy, because she was owning her body and she started wearing high heels in the photoshoots.  Stacy felt gorgeous, as she was showing off the glow and she was proud of herself for having the courage to do something that was a bit out of her comfort zone, and in the end, she shared some very tender moments with her husband as the expecting parents.

Ted and Stacy knew that nude pregnancy photo shoots should not be exclusively for celebrities, as this should be one of the happiest times in a woman’s life, so why not show off the gift that you were given.   Pregnancy is an incredible journey, that ends with the most beautiful life changing moment, so it was important to embrace the changes of the human body, and the feeling of being uncomfortable knowing that you are growing a life that will be your prodigy.  They realized that they were both lucky to be blessed by God and they couldn’t wait to meet their little boy when he popped out of the oven.  Their bundle of joy was arriving today and Ted wanted to get front row seats for him and his camcorder.  Ted was a little nervous and he tried to keep remembering that his main job was to support his wife and once their baby came out, it’d all be worth it.  All he wanted was a healthy baby and for his wife to get through this ordeal without any issues, but once he saw his son and heard his cries, it was the best of moment of his life.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #8.

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  1. Lovely story – reminded me of this quote by Anna Quindlen:

    When an actress takes off her clothes onscreen but a nursing mother is told to leave, what message do we send about the roles of women?

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  2. You also have to take that whole breast feeding debate from a cultural stand point. I know it’s changing NOW, but our country (America) was based a lot on Puritan ethics and standards. So as a result (in my opinion), the generations that came after those early Puritans were influenced greatly. Most other countries (as I understand it) are far more casual about nudity than America is. You have to remember the religious element too, there are so many religious zealots that make a big deal out of nudity. I don’t care if a woman whips out her tit to feed her child, but it does make me uncomfortable. Because in my culture here (and it’s CHANGING okay??!) modesty is highly valued. I was raised to cover myself in public places. Others obviously don’t have the same background. It’s the getting along and being tolerant bit that seems to escape us all….

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