Hanging Out

Melissa, Sadie, Brenda and Linda were hanging out and laughing in their usual spot, when Melissa mentioned that her date last night was the best kisser ever.  Brenda said, “What made him so good, was it his soft lips, or was it his amazing breath?”  Melissa responded, “He knew exactly what to do to get me going and it was mind-blowing.  He started off with a gentle sweep of my lips with his, and it was so close that I could feel his breath, which built up my anticipation about what he was going to do next.  All the time we were making out, it was so exciting, as he paused to kiss my neck, and let his breath linger there, tickling me and making my heart race.”

Sadie spoke and said, “He sounds like a good kisser, but the best kisser is any person who kisses exactly like you do.  When this person kisses you, you will feel as if the two of you are focused on each other and the rest of the world blurs around you.  Kissing is an art, not a science, and everyone likes something different.  The effect that a great kiss has on someone is like a drug, and it should cause you to crave more.  A really great kisser knows how to expertly signal the end of a kiss with the turn of their head.  It doesn’t feel abrupt, yet it leaves you wanting more.”  Linda said, “I have never been kissed like that and I have kissed a lot of frogs, hoping that one would turn into a Prince one day, but no one has ever ben able to curl my toes yet.  I need to feel that tingly feeling down my spine that melts me like puddy.  I would love to feel the kisser’s hunger that would make me want to kiss him for hours, days or years and then I would press my body into him.”

Brenda said, “The best kisser that I have ever been with was Jack, as his kisses just kept on getting better and better.  It is not like there were ever any bad kisses, but they always got better, as he made me tingle from top to bottom.  There must be a direct link between my tongue and every one of my erogenous zones.  He smelled so good, and his pheromones mixed together with mine, which was so heavenly.  I loved exploring his mouth, and being able to penetrate him with my tongue and sucking on his.  It was great when he would suck on mine.  We would kiss for hours, taking foreplay to a whole new level for me.  I can’t really say what it was that made him better than anyone else, but I knew that it was perfection every moment we were kissing.  From the first kiss to the last, it was heaven to be in his arms, sharing that most intimate that love has to offer.  Even after our love was over, he was still the best kisser I’ve ever kissed.”

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #96.

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