Ode To the Commode

Nobody really cares if you shave your pubic hairs or not, and during the pandemic many people let their pubic hair grow.  When I was attending college, I got a part time job as an office cleaner.  My boss seemed to think that it was my job to clean the bathrooms and I hated doing that.  I had gloves, brushes and other cleaning products and mostly it wasn’t that bad, but I was always grossed out when I saw crotch hair on the toilet seats.  I can understand pubic hair coming off a person’s body when they take a shower, but I had no clue why it was always on the toilet seats.  I was not sure if the people that worked in this office were just really hairy, or if they were leaving their pubes there intentionally, just to creep me out.  I have a basic understanding of quantum entanglement, but I couldn’t figure out why every time I went to clean the commodes, that I kept finding pubic hairs left on the seats.  There were never any really nasty stalls covered with poop, like I have seen in some public bathrooms, but I just didn’t have the stomach for this job.

I quit that job, but I do enjoy a clean bathroom and the more often you clean it the easier it is to do the job.  I know that a lot of women complain about men leaving the seat up, but I always put it down along with the seat cover, and I started doing that to prevent my dog from drinking out of it.  My dog is gone now, but I still always lower the seat and the cover, because I don’t like looking at the insides of toilets, as I feel that they are filled with germs.  I realize that the chances of getting an STI from a toilet seat are slim to none, but I guess you could still get lice and crabs, so I prefer to sit on something that is clean.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to find a one- or two-syllable word that rhymes with “ode,” or use the word “ode.”

17 thoughts on “Ode To the Commode

  1. O_o Well now we know. I share your distaste for random pubes all over the toilet or on the floor. *ulp* I have never resolved my disgust with cleaning the bathroom though. I worked as a cleaner when I was a young woman, and I’ve always tried to keep my own bathroom as clean as possible, but it always made me nauseated to do so. Now I hire someone. I don’t have to fight off throwing up to have a clean toilet and shower and floor. Good post and great use of the prompt!

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      1. I just have to do ‘poop’ patrol with a doggie baggie thing, but more often than not I don’t. The grass is lush and full here and Ziggy does small ones and maybe I’m lazy. I don’t like cleaning up poop whoever does it!

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  2. From a feng shui perspecitve, it’s good that you put your toilet seat cover down – something about keeping your wealth from escaping. Not that I believe that.

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  3. I raised four sons and as soon as they could hold a brush I taught them how to clean their toilet. It sure cut down on careless toilet habits. The best thing is buying a brand new home with sparkling never before used fixtures. My motto is not to have to clean it if you keep it clean. 😉

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