As soon as she stepped into the room, she realized that she had forgot to put on her panties today and she felt like such a silly girl for doing that.  This was not the first time that she forgot to put on her panties, as she usually goes commando and that is always intentional.  She purposefully doesn’t wear them for comfort on extra warm days.  She started doing this in college what she was playing this game called Never Have I Ever with her Delta Pi sorority sisters.  This is a drinking game where all the players take turns asking the others about things they have not done, or experiences that they had never had.  It is a fun and easy game to play which helped all the girls to get to know each other better, and it also provided hours of entertainment.  All the girls sat around in a circle and if something comes up that they have actually done, then they were required to take a drink.

It was tequila night at the sorority and the statements started out all being normal like “Never have I ever shoplifted anything”, or “hitchhiked”, or “been arrested”, or ‘gotten stitches”, or “been caught cheating on a test” and all of the girls were having fun sharing their stories and some were getting a nice buzz.  Then Jane said, “Never have I ever went out without putting on my panties”, and then Susan tool a drink and said, “I do that all the time, because it makes me feel so naughty.”  Hearing this made me wonder if I was missing out on something.  Jane said that she only does this when she is wearing a skirt or dress, because she tried it once when she was wearing jeans and she ended up getting abrasions that irritated the delicate skin of her vulva.  I asked Jane if she was worried about anyone noticing her and seeing her lady bits and she said that she loves to feel that tingle in her pussy that comes from dressing provocatively.

I don’t see many of the girls from my sorority any more, as I work and I am married.  I told my husband about this game that we played and he suggested that I should go out while not wearing any panties.  I did as he suggested and I found it to be a very liberating feeling and I liked the feel of the fresh air hitting my vagina.  My husband stopped at a gas station and while he was filling up the tank, he asked me to go inside and get him some cigarettes.  I didn’t know if I would be able to do it, as exposing my pussy for my husband to see was rather normal, but I was wearing a really short skirt and the slightest breeze would put my private parts on public display.  I hoped that nobody would notice, but I felt so sexy being dressed this way, especially when a guy in this store was checking me out and when I got back into the car, I told my husband that I was soaking wet.

My husband likes when I share secrets with him and he started lifting my skirt up higher.  Wow did I enjoy that free and sexy feeling of letting him see my lady bits.  I started doing this more often as I enjoyed having all the men’s eyes on me and I didn’t care if any of the women were judging me.  This became a conscious deliberate decision to go out with no panties and when the wind blows and my dress lifts up for everyone to see, that is exhilarating for me.  Even on the days that I am wearing my panties I like to be seen by a lot of people.  Most times people don’t notice that I am not wearing underwear but there are other times when I deliberately flash them!  I like to tell my husband that I didn’t put any underwear on and see how turned on he gets.  I love the feeling of no underwear while wearing a short skirt, as it feels so wonderful & free.

One day my husband James to me to go with him sans panties and that he was taking me out to look for shoes.  He told me to wear a really short skirt because he wanted to watch the reactions from the shoe salesmen.  James wanted me to expose myself and tease all of the men to get the attention and I was dropping wet even before we went into the store.  As I sat in the chair, I felt my skirt ride up and I knew that I was exposed for anyone who cared to look and this felt incredible.  I had no clue if any of the men were going to take the bait, but just having my pussy and ass exposed was such a turn on for me.  James pointed at a pair of shoes that he thought might look good on me and he asked if there was anyone who could help me try them on.  A good-looking man came over to help and as he lifted my foot, I made sure that he could see everything and those few seconds of exposure felt like an eternity to me knowing that he was checking out my goods.  The shoe salesman was shocked beyond belief and I watched him as he strained his eyes to get a better view, which caused me to blush.  I felt so horny that I was going crazy and all I wanted was to flash some more.

I told you that I work and today there was a big meeting for all of the executives and if I would have known that my boss was going to call in sick today and ask me to give the presentation, I definitely would have worn my panties today.  I grabbed my skirt and pulled it down as low as I could when I walked into the room.  My heart was fluttering in my chest and I was a complete mess hoping that I would not get embarrassed or that someone would see that my pussy was getting wet.  Even a brief exposure could cause me to lose my job, but I had this thought that if some lucky guy gets to see my ass, that could also lead to a promotion.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #7.

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