Women and Booze

Most of the loot captured by pirates was quickly divided up among the crew, with a slightly larger share of going to the captain and also sometimes the first mate and this money was often spent quickly on getting drunk and on having their way with whores.  A lot of the pirate booty was not really treasure, as it consisted of perishable goods like fabric, cocoa, food or other things that would quickly become ruined if it was not consumed right away.  Some pirates did burry their treasure and try to keep the location secret, but none ever created maps marked with an X, so they could find it again.  Since dead men tell no tales, it was customary for a pirate to kill anyone who helped him burry his treasure.  A pirate was a criminal and they could only hang out in places where criminals were welcomed.  There were no banks in these places, because they would be robbed, but if the treasure was buried out of sight, it was thought to be safe from others confiscating it.  It was not an easy life, but some men liked going after whore after whore and drinking a bottle of rum.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #95.

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  1. A pragmatic look at the pirate’s life. You too all the romanticism and glamour out of it Jim! Thanks for this enlightening look at the life of a buccaneer.

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