Not So Much

I used to take risks all the time, like driving while intoxicated, getting into fights, having unprotected sex and all types of other crazy things.  I am much smarter now and considering some of the risky things that I did in the past, I am lucky to still be alive.  I can understand wanting the adrenalin rush that gets your heart beating so you feel like you are alive which comes along with taking risks, but as you get older, your body does not heal as quickly as it did when you were young.  Back when I was young, there were no seatbelts in cars and kids didn’t wear helmets when we rode our bikes or skateboards, so things that once seemed normal became risky and I guess that is all for the greater good.

I joined a dating site about two months ago, which was a crazy thing to do, as today everywhere you go, all you hear is misinformation, disinformation and so many people promoting Fake News, and all of this makes it hard for anyone to trust anyone else.  If you write on your profile that you are actively seeking a relationship, you are putting yourself out there for someone that could possibly take advantage of you.  Loving somebody too much makes you venerable and that can be dangerous.  I love the excitement of getting to know someone new and I am more than willing to do my part, but it will never work if only one person is invested in beginning a relationship.  I want to do the things that lovers do, like holding hands, kissing, cuddling and hugging, but all that ever happens is that I end up getting my heart broken.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #41.

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  1. I don’t think dating sites are a good way to meet people ~ too many liars and scammers. Sure, there is an occasional success story, but there are also loads of horror stories…

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  2. Selling excitement in younger days is fine as you said our bodies recover easily at that stage. Now however, we should be more stable and prudent. Thanks for sharing Jim. I hope you can find someone sincere and honest

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