Thursday Inspiration #121 Before the Next Teardrop Falls

Respond to this challenge, by either by using the prompt word teardrop, or going with the above picture, or by means of the song ‘Before the Next Teardrop Falls’, or by going with another song by Freddy Fender, or anything else that you think fits.  Freddy Fender took this song to #1 on both the Country and Pop charts in the US on his 1974 album with the same name.  The song was written seven years earlier in 1967 and had been recorded more than two dozen times before Freddy was asked by his producer Huey P. Meaux to record this.  Ben Peters and Vivian Keith both wrote this while they were working at a publishing company in Nashville called Fingerlake Music.  Vivian was Ben’s secretary and she suggested that he write a song with the title “Before the Next Tear Falls.”  Ben agreed and wrote most of the song that night, finishing it up the next day.  He adjusted the title ever so slightly, calling it ‘Before the Next Teardrop Falls’.

This is a breakup song where the girl has moved on, but the guy is having a hard time accepting that it’s over.  It is romantic because of it contains pure sentiment, with a heartbroken man accepting his own heartbreak, and offering up whatever’s left of his dignity for even the slightest fleeting chance of a future hope.  He promises to return right away, before the next teardrop falls if her new man lets her down, saying he would support her in her time of need.  He does not want to say goodbye to this woman, as he is still feeling emotions of grief and pain, but he knows that being with her again is just a fairy tale.  He remains undaunted in his determination to preserve his heart for her, just in case this new relationship that she is in does not work out.  He hopes she will remember his love and return to him.  Heartbreak hurts like hell, and when things break down, it’s easy to clutch onto the hope that maybe things can be rekindled.  Experiencing grief and denial are both defense mechanisms which may help to numb the intensity of a breakup, but in order to get to a happier place you must start to move forward and accept your relationship is over.  Stop prolonging the pain by pretending this isn’t happening, or trying to search for a way around it, as this will only make it hurt more.

Freddy Fender whose real name is Baldemar Garza Huerta didn’t want to cut the song as he was adamantly opposed to doing anything country.  He obliged his producer Meaux after he told him that it would only take a few minutes of his precious time, as all he had to do was overdub his vocals for an instrumental track that already existed.  Freddy was motivated by getting this out of the way, so he could get back to what he considered to be real music.  Fender agreed, and he performed the song bilingual style, singing the first half of the song in English, then repeating that portion in Spanish.  The recording only took a few minutes, and Fender said that he was glad to get it over with and he figured that would be the last of it.

This song took off when it was released to country radio and it ascended to #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart, spending two weeks at the top.  Fender was a relative unknown, and when ‘Before The Next Teardrop Falls’ first appeared at #96, it was the worst debut ever for a future #1 record, but it gained momentum for the next eleven weeks and reached #1 on the country chart, and also won the CMA “Single of the Year” award that fall.  The record was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America for sales of one million copies.  It also holds a rare distinction of being one of only seven records during the 1970s to reach #1 on both the country and pop charts.

To drive away every teardrop that you cried
And if he ever leaves you blue
Just remember, I love you
And I’ll be there before the next teardrop falls

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