I took a health survey this morning to figure out my life expectancy which used the longevity calculator that is based on a detailed statistical analysis of NIH-AARP, in order to answer Fandango’s question today.  You can take the survey here at this website in case you are interested How Long Will I Live? – Life Expectancy Calculator (blueprintincome.com)  There is a 75% chance that I will live to be 72 and my expected life expectancy is 78, so in ten more years there will be little future left for me.  If I started to exercise the statistics say that I should live to be 80, adding 2 years to my life.  The survey that I took also stated that a person’s attitude about their health can affect their life expectancy and my answer was fair, but if this improved, then that could add another 2 and a half years to my life.  Oddly the survey said that I could add another half of a year to my life, if I would start drinking more alcohol.  This leave me looking at another 15 years of life, if things go well for me and I don’t get run over by a truck, or hit with a space rock from the Perseid Meteor shower, which I am planning to watch tonight.

I don’t have any children and I barely have any friends, so there is not all that much for me to worry about.  Climate change and global warming are concerns, but these are long term concerns and they should be left for younger people, as there is not much an old man like me can do about any of this.  Covid is also somewhat of a concern, but I did my part by getting vaccinated and I am still wearing my mask when I go out, although living in Florida which is under the control of Governor DeSantis is worrying, as this is one of the hot spots now.  DeSantis has three children under the age of five. all of whom I expect are not going to school yet.  Last month he signed an executive order to “protect the freedoms and rights of students and parents” by banning school districts from mandating masks and I don’t see his reasoning of how this is protecting any students, or their parents and if he is not helping, then he shouldn’t be getting involved, but he is a forever Trumper and I am pretty sure that this legislation was directed by that freak of nature that lives in Mar-a-Lago.  I guess my biggest worry about the future is that the orange dude will never being punished for the atrocities that he committed and he will come back to destroy my country.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #130 which asks, “What worries you the most about the future?  Why is that your biggest concern?  Or are you not that concerned about the future?”

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    1. I was surprised that there were no questions about how long my parents lived, or anything about heart disease in the survey. I am happy that you will have a nice long life and maybe get to see your great grandchildren.

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      1. Thanks. I don’t think it was a real survey (though I’ve gotten 87 on real ones). It was a clever marketing tool, which is why they directed me to a financial planning site at the end. I didn’t click!

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      1. That’s the same as on the traffic light image I have for green, amber and red, which apparently were based on a 25 year old.
        The maximum parameters set on my medical notes are 140 over 90, which is the lower end of red on that chart. I was told that age, lifestyle, exercise and other factors affect BP, so this might actually be the norm for you. Both of us take ours regularly so have a good record of ‘normal ‘ for us.

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  1. Mine came up with 75 years. That’s three years OVER what I expect, which is 72. I don’t want those three extra years, so I’m gonna gift them to Geoff, who is apparently already dead. He types right well for a zombie! 😛

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