What a Strange World

There was only one way to keep her quiet, and it was to pull out.  I didn’t understand why she had to make so much noise and I figured that she was trying to prove something about her ability to express her sexual freedom.  Some soft moaning always makes it better, but all I could think about was why do my neighbors have to listen to us having sex.  Her vocalization was a bit overboard, because I knew that although I have made most of my partners climax, I realized that I wasn’t a super star in the sack.  I have never had a woman start singing, ‘Oh Sweet Mystery of Life!’ like what went on in Young Frankenstein, but some women did let me know that I did my job.

I thought that she reasoned that if we were making a racket during sex, it meant that we were having a good time, but it was just so damn annoying.  I have read that people who are less confident in their sexual prowess are quieter while doing the act, and this sounds like it could be a good argument to let out your grunts, but when you get too loud, all the intimacy disappears.  It is a good idea to inform your partner that they are pleasing you and that you are enjoying being with them, but when the level of sound greatly exceeds the intensity of excitation, it becomes phoney, because nobody should be climaxing this much.  This girl was loud, I mean like really loud, as she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

I just met this girl and 10 minutes later we are both naked on my bed.  I was encouraged having my first naked woman since my marriage fell apart and I was focused on both of us having a good time together and I was willing to put in the effort, so this would work out.  My marriage had become routine and we were just going through the motions when I ended it.  Six months had passed and I met this girl online and she wanted to meet me and she said that she would drive over to my place and I never thought it would be that easy.  I enjoy foreplay and I didn’t want to rush right into penetration, but she got into the position that she wanted to be taken and she was begging me to stick it in.  It was clear to me that she wanted penetration without any touching, cuddling and kissing and I was not going to complain.  She didn’t put up any resistance and she was not self-conscious about showing her enthusiasm.  It is rare for both partners to want exactly the same thing at exactly the same time when it comes down to sex, so all couples have to work out ways to accommodate each other’s needs.

I understood that a girl can either be silent, moan or groan, shriek or squeal a little, say words such as “Yes!” or call out my name, or give me instructional commands telling me that she wants more, but I had never been with a screamer before.  I like to tune into my partner, so I can enjoy being with them, but I had no clue what this girl wanted from me.  I was waiting to hear her say, “Oh yeah, that’s the spot right there”, or being patient to hear, “Just slightly up from where you are”, and then I could have adjusted my penetration.  I would have been fine if she just remained quiet and when I hit the spot for her she would go “mmm there you go”.  There are obvious signs when a man has an orgasm, but this can be a little more difficult to tell with a woman, so moaning gives off the signal that the sex is being done satisfactory.

There are only two reasons why women fake orgasms, and one them is that she wants the sex to end and the other is to boost the ego of their partner.  This loud screaming was something that I never encountered before and it sounded fake to me and I realized that we were not making love as this girl was in a world of her own.  I felt like I was in a horror movie with the original scream queen, and it seemed like she was faking her performance.  I told her that I have neighbors on both sides of me and the walls are thin in these apartments, but she just laughed it off and continues to vocalize loudly saying that this is the only way she can enjoy having sex.  Since I was no longer enjoying the sex, being too worried about everyone overhearing us, I pulled out and told her that I could not do this.

I couldn’t comprehend why she had to do all of that shouting, but I had to say something even if it was going to upset her.  I felt that she might be doing this to speed up my ejaculation, because it didn’t seem that this was a direct expression of her sexual arousal and I couldn’t tell if all of her screaming was the result of boredom, fatigue, discomfort, or some type of time limitation that she was under, or maybe she was just trying to be nice to me.  This was way worse than the Meg Ryan scene in When Harry Met Sally and it broke my concentration, because I didn’t see a purpose for it.

I lost my interest in her and I told her to leave because it just wasn’t working for me.  I told her that I needed to be respectful of the needs and boundaries of my neighbors, but I just wanted her to stop screaming.  She was conditioned to being loud during lovemaking, and she had no clue how to lower her volume.  I told her that I might enjoy being with her if we were out in the middle of the woods together, or some other place where nobody else was listening to us, or maybe if I could get one of those gag balls to stick into her mouth that it could work for us.  She got up, got dressed and left, telling me that screaming was her thing, it is what she does to enjoy herself and that she was a gift that some other guy would surely enjoy, and I told her that it takes all kinds and I wished her good luck.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #6.

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      1. Haha! Imagine having a laughing fit you cannot control and the entire street heard you! Yep……. it was me, and partner was not impressed…….. and no, we were not being intimate at the time!

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  1. I was always really quiet. Well the start of my ‘career’ in the bed frolics field was entirely with married men and maybe I never did feel that confident. But after I met hubby (and one big reason why I married him eventually) was that he really did it for me. Over time I guess I got louder and louder, because my self confidence did increase and I really enjoyed our intimate times together. Until (and I’ll warn you if you do this to a partner, whatever sex they are, it’ll probably kill the mood flat and might possibly ruin the whole thing from that time on) hubby, like you, was concerned that our neighbors might hear me (our house was too close to theirs), and he put his hand over my mouth. I was very tempted to bite him. It killed the mood, and for the rest of our marriage I often did fake it, because I stopped being so into him. If he knew, he never told me, he apparently thought he was still the stud muffin he had been. Intimacy is a tough thing, but fairly fragile IMHO. Once it’s broken, like trust, it’s damned hard to get back too. Fuckin’ is easy (if you’ll pardon my crude word). Intimacy is way better as I see it.

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    1. Having sex with a long-time partner can be complicated and if intimacy is sustained the relationship has a better chance of survival, because the sex should be better. Having an increased emotional connection with your partner should improve the odds of having great sex. Having sex with someone does not produce intimacy and a lot of people have sex that is not intimate and there is nothing wrong with this as long as you are sharing your enjoyment. If you are not able to put your partner in the right mood, that will always spell trouble, as feelings are what leads to desire.


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