The First Cut

“Shhh!  It’s your turn now”, said Jack as he handed me the knife.  Nobody was around, but we thought it would be best to keep quiet about this.  We ambushed him and he deserved to die, but I was reluctant to go through with this, as I had never stabbed anyone before.  He was already bleeding like a pig, as Jack had cut him deep, but maybe it wasn’t too late, as with the proper medical attention, this bastard might still be able to be saved.  Jack wanted to torture him and that is why he was bleeding and not dead, as I remember Jack saying that he had to die by a thousand cuts.  We decided to take matters into our own hands when the law didn’t see things the same way that we did and now it was my turn to do my part.  He was responsible for spreading all the misinformation about Covid and that is why our mother died.  He was moaning and saying that he was sorry about all of the lies that he spread, but Jack put his hand over this a-hole’s mouth and told me to cut him.  Lucky for me, he died just as I was about to stab him and Jack said that if we want to get away with murder that it was time for us to run.

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #193 using the prompt “Shhh!  It’s your turn now”.

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    1. I watch the news every day and today there was a story about this doctor from Florida who they called the biggest super spreader of Covid misinformation and I worked that into my story.

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