It’s Not Simple

“It is that simple, you walk through the stone archway and the alligators will be waiting for you in the pond.  This is your first test to see if you have the right stuff”, said the one-armed man.  Lefty went on, “You are not going to roll around on the ground with the gators, even though this is called wrestling, all you need to do is try to coax the gator to open its mouth, tuck its head against your neck and hold the gator’s mouth open with only your chin, while your arms are outstretched.  It is a series of properly planned moves and that is why it is called wrestling, but these moves take strength, finesse, and you will need long, strong legs to straddle and hold down an eight-foot gator.  The gator will never give in willingly, so you have to put your heart into this, as not everybody has the right combination of skills.  Scars are part of this life and in case the gator gets you, don’t worry, as I will be standing by holding a crowbar to pry his mouth back open.”  “Oh, its that simple”, said Joe “I don’t want any part of this.”

Written for KL Caley’s Thursday Write Photo – Arch.

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