What Is Life

Sometimes it hard to know the difference between fantasy and reality, especially when I can’t distinguish if this thing called life was produced by my imagination, or if it exists independently from my mind.  How can I determine if anything that affects my perception is something that I should believe in, even when I can see it and touch it?  Before I get too deep into the meaning of my life, I have to develop a meaning for the word illusion.  If my senses send specific signals to my brain that should be real, unless all of this is just my imagination and I am stuck inside of a dream.  I guess it all comes down to believing that everything that I see, hear, taste, smell and touch is part of reality, but it is also possible that I am just making myself believe this, so I fit in with all the others.

I believe in String Theory because that seems to be the best model there is to explain things, but that states that all parts of matter vibrate because of energy and the different frequencies will produce different particles.  All of these different frequencies are buzzing around everywhere and I can’t see them, or feel them, or touch them, however they are making me perceive all of these different things, and maybe life is just what you perceive it to be.  If life really is an illusion, then why am I here and who put all of these thoughts and beliefs inside of my head.  René Descartes reasoned that because he was able to think that was proof that he existed, which is a good start, but he didn’t go far enough to determine why we exist and what purpose do we serve.  If my brain was removed from my body while I was sleeping and stored some place where it could still be fed electrical stimulus signals, I would not know if I was experiencing real life or just existing in an illusion, as all of my beliefs are based on what I understand reality to be.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #5.

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  1. Great song! Instead of finding Truth, finding happiness is the place to go. None of our senses are meant to definitively ‘answer’ a thing. They deceive us on a regular basis. I sometimes wonder if people who want concrete answers just fear being incorrect? We seek Truth but we find Happiness. It’s entirely clear to me that knowing everything isn’t possible, therefore, ‘knowing’ isn’t always where our efforts should go. ‘Being’ isn’t a shabby thing at all. 😉
    Thanks for this delightful exercise of the mind!

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  2. The good old brain in a vat scenario. It is entertaining but ultimately not useful and that is why we discard it. The hypothesis cannot be falsified.

    If you cede that humans exist in a real world, everything else becomes easy. You can then start to depend on your senses because if we could not in most circumstances, we would be dead. Imagine driving on a busy freeway and you’re unable to know with any confidence the velocity of the vehicles around you. Wouldn’t last long.

    From there you can use that power of observation and logic to construct rules for when senses become inaccurate.

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  3. According to Indian philosophies illusion is ‘maya’. In the vedic texts illusion is that which is constantly changing and thus is spiritually unreal. It is often said life is an illusion. Interestingly Maya also refers to wealth.

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