Naughty In Bed

She wished me bon appetit and then told me that she was wearing edible lingerie, so I decided to sample her delectableness.  She held up three bottles of oil and asked me if I preferred chocolate sauce, honey, or Lavender lullabies and then she pulled out a can of whipped cream.  She was growling like an animal when she started talking deliciously dirty using her soft sexy voice, which I just can’t seem to resist.  She started to shake her booty in my face, so I grabbed her butt and pulled her toward me and gave her a passionate kiss.  She nibbled on my ears, bit my neck and licked her way down my chest, there was no stopping her now.  She started touching herself which made me all hot and steamy and my mind went wild with anticipation of what her next move would be.

I had some tricks up my sleeve and I knew that foreplay was the best way to increase the arousal for both of us.  Sure, I watched Fifty Shades of Grey especial the bondage scenes, bit I wanted to do something that was a lot less creepy.  I knew that she was comfortable with being blindfolded and tied up and that she would never let me drip hot candle wax on her nipples, but we had never played with feathers before and I figured that she would enjoy this.  I had just gotten out of prison where I did have sex, but I always had to be quiet and tonight I could let go of all of my inhibitions and scream my head off and I knew it was going to feel amazing to finally be able to let out all of my moans and squeals.  I found her little pink toy in the night table drawer and I told her that it would be OK if she wanted to use it on me.  You should have seen how her face lit up and she said, “Let’s get filthy dirty, because there are so many fun things that I want to do to you, while you are completely at my mercy, but first I want you to devour my panties.”  The doorbell rang and she said, “That’s probably my sister, I will let her in and she got here just in time.”

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Naughty and for August Monthly Writing Prompts – Lavender lullabies.

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  1. Naughty but nice.
    My girlfriend and I suggested we should play some sex games to spice up our sex lives.
    Unfortunately, “Guess who I f***ed last night?” didn’t go down very well.

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