It Be Like That

1.What is a skiff?
This is when you play hooky and don’t go to school.

2. What is a liner?
This is something that ladies stick inside their panties to absorb discharge.

3. What is a ferry?
This is when a lady doesn’t shave her armpits.

4. What is a destroyer?

5. What is a cruiser?

6. What is a galleon?
The Galleon Resort And Marina is an excellent choice for travelers visiting Key West, offering a romantic environment alongside many helpful amenities designed to enhance your stay.

7. What is a pedlow?
This is a dangerous condition when your brake pedal sinks down low.

8. What is a kayak?
This is an online travel agency.

9. What is a schooner?
The S. S. Minnow is a schooner that will take you on a three-hour cruise.

10. What is a coracle?
This is when you are diving and coral gets stuck in your snorkel.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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