Time To Move On

I’d been planning the perfect vacation for months, but then that tramp broke up with me on a text message last night.  She is ignoring all of my calls and she won’t respond to my texts, so I have been ghosted and this is not a good feeling.  She is so immature and she has no decency, as this 3-night Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas cost me almost $500 and it is non-refundable.  Maybe I dodged a bullet, as this could have been worse, like if this crazy bitch stabbed me in the back 22 times with a butcher knife while I was sleeping.  I should probably write her a thankyou note for not killing me, or maybe I will just slap myself really hard in the face and stop trying to meet girls on Tinder.  Will you look at that, she just trashed me on all of her Social Media sites and now I have to unfollow her.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #4.

14 thoughts on “Time To Move On

  1. Huh. As potentially lethal as your story was, mine is more horrific. Just sayin’. 😉 Good story Jim and shame on you for breaking up via text. I know it’s the current ‘thing’ to do that, but personally I find that so wrong somehow. But to each their own! 🙂

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