Do you believe in second chances?
I think that everyone should be allowed to get a second chance, as I know that I have made many mistakes in my life and that is how I learned.  Some things are unforgivable and it would be hard for me to give a person a second chance, if they were evil to their core and I knew that they were just going to repeat their mistakes over and over again.

Is your glass half full or half empty?
I usually drink out of plastic cups and the volume goes up when I fill my cup and it gets lower as I drink.  I understand that this is a philosophical question that is meant to indicate if I am an optimist or a pessimist, but why does a person have to be one or the other?  Can’t I have my cake and eat it too?  I would say that most times I have an optimistic view on life, but I have become much more pessimistic during the Trump years and it seems that even though his reign has ended, this f-head will just not go away.

Would you rather someone be honest and hurt your feelings or lie to protect them?
My skin is pretty thick and I doubt that anyone could hurt my feelings, so in any relationship that I am in, I want honesty.

When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush?
This guy I knew had this bottle of amyl nitrate and I sniffed that once and I thought that my head was going to explode.  It was a popular drug back in the day and it was usually referred to as doing poppers.  The rush that I got was instantaneous and I remember smashing my face into the car window and I can’t explain why I did that.

Optional Gratitude
I am happy that women are on this planet, as I love looking at girls and women.

Written for Melanie’s sparksfromacombustiblemind’s Share Your World.

9 thoughts on “Unforgivable

  1. Very well answered Jim. Glass full or empty, attitude should be of looking at the bright side of things. It helps a lot when life dishes out unpleasant stuff.

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  2. When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush? Playing in front of a women’s prison and hearing the cheering…and other lude comments.

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  3. Thank you Jim for Sharing Your World! There is nothing wrong with being ‘balanced’ (i.e. a mixture of pessimist and optimist). Most people are, only some see that as more one way than the other. The attitude can change too, as a young woman I was really optimistic, and now I’m fairly pessimistic. Maybe things have changed in the world, but I know my attitude had soured over the years too. I am grateful that good bloggers are in the world, and that includes you, Jim! Have a fun week!

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