Of All the Bars in All the World

Usually when a coincidence is being called a coincidence, it is probably something much more than just a coincidence.  The remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances that appear to have no causal connection with one another, are often inevitable situations and usually they are less remarkable than they initially appear to be.

Written for Linda G. Hill Life in progress One-Liner Wednesday.

16 thoughts on “Of All the Bars in All the World

  1. Coincidences are where we look for them I guess. Like if we run into someone we know but haven’t seen for a couple of years in the grocery store, we think “What a coincidence! Both being in this store right now!” but if we pass by Joe Blow in the aisle of the same store and we don’t know Joe but saw him a couple of years ago in a totally different place, we don’t think it’s coincidence…

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