Does Anyone Actually Care

All the time we ask other people how they are doing, but why do we do this?  Most people don’t care about you and they may even turn against you at moment’s notice, as everyone is busy with their own problems, because such is life.  People have short attention spans, and 5 seconds after they ask you how you are, they have already moved on to another topic.  Nobody actually gives a damn about how anyone is doing; this is just a phrase that is used to start a conversation.  Most people are generally disingenuous and/or insincere in their actions towards other people.  If someone asks me how I am doing, I always say awesome, because if I get into specific details with them, it will probably end up being an awkward conversation.  It is not like I don’t want to engage in conversation with these people, it is just that I don’t want the conversation to be about me.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser which asks, “How are you today?”

17 thoughts on “Does Anyone Actually Care

  1. I once bumped into someone I knew had an aggressive cancer: “How are you?” reply: “I’m good mate.” Sure I said in my head. It seems here that this is a social defence.

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  2. Not many DO listen to the response “How Are You?” Because many of us don’t like the spotlight focused on us, even for something so trivial relatively. I listen and usually mean what I say when I answer too. I’m glad you’re doing ‘awesome’ though, if that’s truly how you’re doing!

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    1. It is kind of like a joke that I use when somebody says that they hope I am fine and then I reply, “No I am awesome”, but for the most part I am satisfied.


  3. To me the actual question “How are you?” is no more than an acknowledgment of presence. Similar to hello and better than a statement like “Great day, isn’t it?” which seems to presume too much. “How are you?” allows the other person to signal verbally and otherwise where they are on a spectrum of emotions, including whether they want to talk, vent, be left alone, or engage in some way. Any real communication, if any, begins after the reaction to that first opening

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