Sliding Into Someone’s Dms

This is my realm, as I enjoy direct messaging a stranger or acquaintance, by using a social networking platform.  My intention is to garner a response and I could be reaching out for a romantic connection, a friendship, or just as a way to connect with someone, but not to be creepy.  I’m no stranger to the DM slide and I have had some success using it, but I have also had a few failures.  Since many people choose to share their Instagram handles on their dating app profiles, a simple search and some creativity on your end, can land you in their inbox.

I always avoid mentioning where I found them and no one has ever asked.  Instead, I just use my opening line and place it in the posts on their Instagram.  I never ask them a question that puts pressure on them to respond, as I like to keep it easy as opposed to demanding.  If they are interested, they will respond and keep the interaction going.  This is the line that I normally use and it has opened up a lot of doors for me.  “Hello, how are you doing?  My name is Jim and I find dating messages to be awkward, but if I don’t break the ice and contact anyone, then I won’t meet anyone.  It is hard to come up with something worthwhile to say when you don’t know a person yet.  Hit me back if you find me to be interesting.”  If they don’t write back, I didn’t waste that much time and I can DM direct message somebody else, so nothing ventured, nothing gained, but if my slide works out, then I have gained access to a new realm.  What starts out as a DM slide, has the possibility to turn into a really fun weekend fling.

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Realm.

9 thoughts on “Sliding Into Someone’s Dms

    1. i really wouldn’t know, as this is way out of my realm, but I read that phrase and my curiosity got the best of me. I tried to explain it, but I really have no clue how any of this social media stuff is done, because I am not on any of these sites. This was just a writing exercise for me to occupy my time, thanks for the prompt Fandango.

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  1. I like your use of the prompt. And I learned a new term — sliding. One of my earliest experiences online was with chat forums, but they were not dating forums. I haven’t been to a forum in years. I happen to know at least one of the regulars at a Christian forum privately messaged someone else and ended up getting married. But that’s slightly different. People didn’t have separate account information out there.

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