Arms Wide Open

They are on this planet and although they are not alive, they are filled with affection, readily giving you hugs and kisses to express their love, and show their physical and emotional warmth.  Everybody needs a friend or two, and better idea would be to adopt a whole community of these lovable characters.  Hillary said, “It takes a village” to enable your children to become smart, able, and resilient adults, but if you purchase these toys for your kids to play with, you are well on your way to building a village.  Each one comes with their own story and the captain who is dressed in white has just come back from a sea adventure, and he has loads of stories to tell your children about his adventures.  The mechanic is dressed in red wearing glasses and a blue cap and he checks your oil with his towel and adds another quart when you get low.

The school crossing guard is wearing a green top with a blue skirt and she will always check all the students to make sure that they packed their lunch and if not, she will call your mom.  The train conductor is wearing a light blue hat and he has a red bandana tied around his neck.  He is holding up a clock and he wants to teach everyone how important it is to be on time.  Sally sunshine is holding an ice cream cone and she wants you to come out and play with her.  Not shown in the picture, but available for purchase is the baker who is dressed in white and he bakes the bread and makes the cakes, which all children love.  You can also get the astronaut, the cowboy, the fireman, the rock star, the librarian and the graduate who doesn’t look like Dustin Hoffman.

Written for KL Caley’s Thursday Write Photo – Community.

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