Small Breasts Are Sexy

The interviewer said, “To be clear, what you’re saying is that you only photograph women who have small breasts, because you don’t want their breasts to take away from the focus of the story you are trying to tell in your pictures.”  The photographer responded, “All breast sizes are beautiful, but there is something special about a woman with a flat chest.  When they start growing up and puberty hits all their friends and every girl around them is developing breast buds, nickel-sized bumps under the nipple, while their boobs are nonexistent.  They realize that they are destined to be flat, and this recognition that they are different from others makes them hate their body image, just because their tits are so freaking small.  They think that something is wrong with them and they become angry feeling that none of the boys will like them.  They can’t go into the lingerie department at a store, because they don’t even fit into an A size cup and this makes them think that they are less of a woman, because they will never be desired.  Once flat chested women learn how to accept themselves knowing that breasts are essentially just a squishy ball of fat, they can focus on the angst that they have built up over the years and give me the poses that I am looking for.  I feel that less can be more and this special attitude is what I want in my models and also there are very few women with large breasts that look awesome when they don’t have a bra holding them together.”

The interviewer said, “I get it, you use women with smaller breast sizes because if their boobs are objectified, it will detract from the other things in your photos.  I guess that a woman with bigger breasts will never be enjoyed simply for being herself, where a flat chested model is liberated and comfortable with her whole body.   Personally, I believe that anything more-than-a-handful is unnecessary and I have also heard that flat women receive more arousal when their nipples are stimulated.”   The photographer responded, “We are all created perfectly and we look the way we do for a reason.  God created each of us to be unique, flawless in our own way, and it is our job to love the body that we are given.  I love my own small breasts, and I celebrate them proudly, but I don’t show them to the world.  The only comments that I have ever gotten from men about my boobs is that they love them and everyone that I have been with seemed to appreciate them.  Let’s face it, boobs are boobs and no one actually gives a shit about the size.”

The interviewer said, “Can you tell me what story you are trying to tell in this photograph with the girl in the shower.”  The photographer said, “She was grimy from the exercise that she just finished and she hopped into the shower to wash off her sweat.  Heather stayed under the shower longer than she had anticipated, enjoying the cool spray of the water against her skin.  She wondering why she found such intense pleasure in washing her body clean and then she heard a knock on the door.  She smiled as she saw her lover naked and she knew that was going to join her.  When he got into the shower, he touched her skin, which was glowing and fresh from her being fresh as a daisy.  It is not much of a story; it is a real-life situation that happened to me and I had the model reenact this scene.”

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #2 “To be clear, what you’re saying is that” and for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Nekneeraj’s Photo Challenge #374.

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