She said that God designed sex to be enjoyed within a committed marital relationship between one man and one woman and she felt that a sexual relationship should only occur within a faithful, trusting, marital union.  I told her that we would get married as soon as we knew each other better and that there was no sin in us having a bit of fun in the meantime.  She said that if I really loved her, that I should be willing to wait for her.  She told me to be patient and that once we were married that she would willingly give herself to me and that she was certain that she would meet all of my needs and desires.  She assured me that the intensity of sexual pleasure would only increase if we would save it for our marriage bed.  I told her that almost all Americans have sex before they are married and that this is considered to be normal behavior.  I explained that we were in a committed relationship with each other and that some premarital sex should be acceptable, because fornication would be a fun activity for two people to engage in that expect to marry each other and besides that everyone else is doing it.

She said that was a deal breaker for her and I struggled with issues of lust and temptation before we finally broke it off, which is sad because we could have had it all.  I was a Christian and I felt guilt for trying to pressure her into doing things that she felt were not right, but God made me a sexual being and created these sexual desires inside of me.  I was torn in two, being sad that I didn’t want to wait for us to be married and wanting to take part in satisfying experiences.  In the end, I had to know what I was getting into before I said the words, “I do.”  I never saw her again, but I heard that she never got married and that she lived a lonely life till she died.

Written for the Saturday Dakshali Picture Prompt Plate.

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  1. Is this true Jim? I admire a strong man or woman who knows how to get control of their desires.
    But I always hope they get the chance to satisfy their desires within an arrangement their conscience condones. I would not like to think of her missing out completely!

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