Taking Out the Trash

Edward spent most of his time rescuing victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, when one night he found Vivian in a dumpster.  He was a trained operative who gathered evidence and facilitated rescue missions with local police.  As a young boy, he was rescued from a dark place by a social worker and he made this his mission in life, hoping to contribute to making real changes in the world.  He has helped hundreds of girls and women that have been damaged because they were victims of horrific abuse.  He has taught them to value themselves and counseled them that there is much more to life than using their bodies to obtain things.

Edward was throwing out his trash, when he heard some faint sounds coming from the inside of the dumpster, and he assumed that it was a cat, or maybe a racoon.  It was similar to a moaning sound, and he figured that if it was a cat that it might be injured, so he should probably try and help it.  He climbed up on a box and when he looked inside, he saw this rolled up carpet that was dripping with blood and since the carpet was moving, he jumped in to try and help.  Edward was used to dumpster diving, but mostly he came up with body parts and now he was elated, because he wouldn’t have to be waiting on the results of an autopsy this time, if this woman was able to survive.  He lifted the rug out of the dumpster and unrolled it and found what appeared to be a young woman dressed up like a hooker inside and bleeding all over the place.  He called 911 and he went with her in the ambulance to the hospital.

Edward stayed by Vivian’s side every minute till she gained consciousness and she told him her story how this man turned her out on the street.  She fell in love with her pimp, even though he was cruel to her and one day after a trick gave her an extra tip, she kept some of the money.  Her pimp found out and he ran her over with his car, but she got up and started to run, so he stabbed her in the gut with his switchblade.  Vivian told Edward how to find her pimp and said that she would testify against him if that was necessary.  Edward told her that it wouldn’t come to that, as he felt that the best way he could help her, was for him to take out the trash and that night he killed the pimp.

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt of Treasured Trash which is hosted by Sara from relaxitsallwrite.

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    1. I agree with you Shweta and even though Edward did what was right, nobody should take the law into their own hands. Vivian was the name of the hooker in the movie Pretty Woman.

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