My New Car

What a mistake I made, letting my cousin drive my last car, as the kid didn’t even have a driver’s license yet and I had to claim that the accident was my fault.  Nobody is ever going to drive my new car and I will not let anyone talk me into anything like that again.  I was in the car with him as we went up that hill and we were doing at least 75, and I don’t think that he had a clue about that sharp turn coming up.  This was crazy as the speed limit on this road was 25 MPH in this residential neighborhood and not even Mario Andretti could have handled that turn going at that speed.  When he took the turn, the car went up on two wheels and he jumped the curb and I kept screaming at him, “Hit the brakes!”  We knocked down several small trees and he turned the wheel back toward the road, but he was still going too fast, so we went down the curb into the road and up the curb on the other side of it.  Now he was driving over people’s lawns and knocking down their bushes and I guess we were lucky to have crashed into that wall, or otherwise, who knows what would have happened if we would have ended up on that highway.

The car was stuck dead and the whole neighborhood was waking up, so I told my cousin to take off, as I would have been in more trouble for letting him drive while he was underage.  He told me that he knew how to drive and that his dad let him take his car out on occasion.  Alright, that last car was a rocket ship, with its HEMI V8 cranking out 425 horsepower, enough to propel it to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds.  That 4-barrel carburetor was sucking up as much gas as it could get, giving the car even more horsepower.  It was just too much car for the kid, but he was so convincing about his ability, prodding me all the time, till I let him take the wheel.  The kid talked a good game and he knew his cars, taking auto shop in High School and working for his dad at the gas station, but that was the scariest ride of my whole life.  This new one also looks like a fast car, but that is not why I purchased it, I just like the smooth ride that it gives me.  Time to crank up some tunes.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #124.

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  1. Everybody is a little nuts when they’re young. Because everyone (seems) to think they’re immortal or that like the cartoons they may watch, they’ll just bounce back after getting squished. What a ride! I got a ride (I wouldn’t have dared to drive it even if I’d been asked) in a GTO once. We were on the back roads and the woman who owned it opened ‘er up and let her fly. Wow! I love going fast to this day, but now it’s not a) dignified, b) prudent and c) I love my car but she does not have the power to race like those old cars did. None of the cars do…. ain’t that a sad thing? 😉

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      1. I owned one, briefly. A 1967 (?) Impala fast back. Diamond upholstery. 425 V8. I was restoring her, and found out just how rare and expensive ‘original’ parts for that car are. This was in the early 2000s and she ended up getting sold to someone who could afford to fix her up properly. We’d done the engine and the transmission, but she needed reupholstering, her shocks and struts were shot, she had rust spots and the cost of the body work alone made me gasp. Her electricals needed attention too. It got spendy right quick. But she was beautiful and I loved her. Still makes me sad I had to let her go.

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