I Believe I Can Fly

I realize that I am not actually able to fly, but damn if I don’t look super in this costume.  One time I did leap over two feet off the ground to catch a Frisby, but leaping is not flying.  There is a certain power that you get when you put on a costume and nobody knows this better than Darth Vader, as he needed that helmet to breath and without his evil looking suit, he looked like a feeble old man.  Dorothy would have never made it back home, if she didn’t believe that she could do it, so believing is half the battle and the other half is the actually flying.

Alice said, “I’ve a right to think”, but the Duchess responded, “Just about as much right as pigs have to fly.”  Dumbo could fly and he weighed a lot more than I do, but he also has much bigger ears.  The elephant believed the magic feather gave him the power to fly.  Some things seem unreasonable and when the Wright Brothers had their first successful flight, some newspapers refused to print the article, as they felt that flight was only possible for birds.  If man didn’t have faith in their ability to accomplish the impossible, then they would have never been able to make it up to the moon.  I wonder what it would be like jumping for a Frisby on the moon.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #88.

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  1. Believing is the very essential first step to achieving. You’re so right Jim that we can do a lot more when we have faith in our abilities. Thanks for joining in with this inspiring post.

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