Reach For the Stars

  1. What was the big deal about Fibber McGee’s closet?
    It was a water closet and Fibber was Euro-pee-an.
  1. What’s the difference between a hoarder and a collector?
    This isn’t always apparent, but a hoarder never gives up anything and a collector likes to hold on to things.
  1. What was the intended initial purpose for the website, eBay?
    This is a place where you can order a chicken and an egg, but you won’t know which one you will get first.
  1. What is meant by the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”?
    This is the motto for the new TV show Dumpster Divers.
  1. What is the significance of “file 13”?
    This is where you go to file for bankruptcy.
  1. What does it mean to “86” something?
    This is a term used by the mob when something bothers them.
  1. What displays when you enter an invalid web address into a web browser?
    Alexa can’t help you with this one.
  1. What does the “www” at the front of Internet addresses stand for?
    This stands for Wonderfully Written Words which must follow.
  1. What does HTML do?
    Whatever HTTPS tells it to do.
  1. What is the purpose of CSS?
    This Customer Support System supports customers.

Written for Frank’s Fibbing Friday.

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